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Are you looking for a way to convert youtube video to GIF animated image? Then you are in a right place, here I have listed out some of the best tools to convert the youtube videos to GIF images with just a few steps.

GIF is an animated image with a series of image framed set in a loop, there are many websites available online to give free tools to convert your image files like JPG, PNG to GIF images within just a click.

Using GIF in social media has become viral nowadays to express memes and humor in the form of GIF, Using GIF’s you can express anything on social media or other websites. GIF is totally fun in this social media generation.


Best YouTube Video To GIF Converter Online Tools


1. – Convert Youtube, Vimeo Videos to GIF Online

Giphy video to GIF converter online tools is one of the simple and fast converter tool available online, all you have to do is, just copy the youtube video URL and paste it in the text box and the tools will automatically pull in the video, now it will ask for the start and end time of the video and then it can be converted to GIF image within a matter of seconds.

Not only Youtube video, you can also use other video services URL like Vimeo etc.


2. – Free Youtube to GIF converter and Generator

Makeagif online tool is one of the best free tools online to convert youtube videos to a GIF images, with this tool you can also convert facebook video, or videos from webcam or even from a normal video to a GIF file, this tool is one of my favorite tools to convert any kind of videos to a GIF images


3. – Convert any Video to GIF Online Free

This too is one of the most famous image sharing website in the internet for sharing memes and GIF, they also provide a free online tool for the users to generate GIF or convert any videos into GIF images online, converting youtube video into a GIF image in this tool is pretty easy, just copy the youtube URL and paste it in the tools text box, this will automatically pull in the youtube video, now select your start and end time of the video to be generated as GIF image.


4. – Youtube Video To Animated GIF maker Tool video to GIF converter tool is one of my favorite tools to convert youtube videos to GIF images, I find this website very smooth and neat for converting videos to GIF.

They have many custemization options like cropping, adding stickers, padding etc, I would definitely recommend this free tool to anyone who wants to convert youtube or any other video to GIF images. they also have an option to blur the images, add filters etc.


5. – Youtube to GIF Maker Free Online App

Just copy the youtube URL and come to this tool and paste it in the text box and click load videos, this will pull the entire youtube video, then you can choose the start and end time duration of the youtube video and click preview to generate the GIF from the youtube video, click create to download the generated GIF video.


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