5 Best XML Sitemap Generator Free Tools Online 2018

Sitemap is a list of all links on your website to let user navigate through your website, XML sitemap is also similar to that but it will be in an XML format, because XML sitemaps are readable for search engines, once you generate the XML sitemap you have to submit your Sitemap file to Google, they will easily crawl your website links and can display your website links in the search engine.

If you create a new static website with many web pages and links, you can use online XML sitemap generators to generate an XML sitemap for your website.

If you have a WordPress blog, there is no need to use these sitemaps, you can use a plugin like Yoast plugin to generate XML sitemap, everytime you add new page or post in your blog, the plugin will update their XML sitemap file with a new link.


5 Best XML Sitemap Generator Online Tools


1. xml-sitemaps.com

5 Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools Online

xml-sitemaps XML sitemap generator is a free online XML sitemap generator, once you type in your website address and click start, the tool will start crawling your website completely and generate and populate a beautifully structured XML sitemap in both HTML and XML format, the free plan will let you generate up to 500 pages of XML links, in pro plan you can create sitemap for pages up to 15,00,000 pages.

Once you generated your XML sitemap you can easily submit your XML site to google in the google webmaster tools.


2. xmlsitemapgenerator.org

xmlsitemapgenerator.org will let you generate sitemap up to 2000 pages for your website/blog their sitemap is compatible for google, bing, yahoo and all other search engines, they will let search knows how often your content will be updated and change frequently by setting the change frequency and modified dates. this sitemap generator tool is easy and faster to use. Visit Now


3. SmallseoTools.com

Small SEO tools is an online tool provider website, they have many SEO tools on their website for webmasters, they also have a simple and free XML sitemap generator tool, it will allow you to generate XML sitemap for up to 500pages, just paste in your website link, and click generate, the tool will crawl your website and generate an XML sitemap for your website or blog.

Once the sitemap is generated, you can download it and upload them in the root directory of your website server or hosting account, then submit the sitemap URL in google webmaster console tool, this will help Google to crawl your website easily. Visit Now


4. ScreamingFrog.com

ScreamingFrog XML sitemap generator is not an online tool but you can download their software into your PC and use them for free, the free version of the software will let you create a sitemap for up to 500 pages, but buying their paid version, you can eliminate the limit and can crawl unlimited pages. this tool is really a powerful tool to generate sitemaps for really large website or blog.


5. Xsitemap.com

This tools is a free online XML sitemap generator tool and also one of the oldest sitemap generator tools on the internet, they can crawl any number of web pages and convert them into XML sitemap for free, you can set priority and date modified for your generated site and download it later. Visit Now


Why Use online Sitemap generators ?

If you have a normal small scaled static website with few hundred web pages you can use online xml sitemap generator to save time to create a complete list of your sites link, and later you can submit your static website’s sitemap into the google search console for crawling.

If your site is a dynamic website with a large number of pages, and frequently a new page will be added, then I would suggest using the PHP or other scripts to create your own sitemap generator and submit to google.


Where to upload my XML sitemap after generating it?

You have to upload your generated XML sitemap into the root directory of your webpage in your web server, and then you have to mention your XML site map URL in your robots.txt file to tell Google where to look your XML sitemap, this is the right practice.


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