10 PHP URL Shortening Script To Build URL Shortner Website

PHP URL Shortener Scripts will help you set up your own URL shortening service website. These scripts listed over here are reviewed and handpicked by our team for the people who searching for a best PHP script to start their perfect full functional URL shortening website like, Adfly, Bitly, Goo.gle etc.

The PHP script listed here are both premium and Free PHP scripts to build URL shortener website application service. So let’s look at the 10+ Best URL shortener PHP script On the internet to get started.

You can modify any of this script after you purchase or downloading them according to your specific needs, the script is completely editable, if you are good with PHP programming then you can play around with these scripts and modify them to work for your own needs and specific requirements.


10 PHP URL Shortening Script To Build URL Shortner Website


1. Premium URL Shortener – PHP Script

PHP URL Shortener

Demo   Download


Premium URL Shortener PHP script is one of the best and famous URL shortening script on the internet, it has many built-in features including, Membership system, Dashboard system, admin panel, Geotargetting etc. And also the scripts can be easily edited for your own specific requirements.

They also have an anonymous User history, that means any anonymous user can track their last 10 URLs without getting registered to the site. They also have social login system with Facebook and Twitter, You can also use the inbuilt translation feature to translate the site into any language you want. this URL shortening script has reCaptcha and URL filtering system to prevent spam.


2. Mighty URL Shortener | Short URL Script

URL Shortener | Short URL Script

Demo   Download

mighty URL shortener PHP script is one of the best URL shortening Scripts in the market, this script has, smart targeting system, user-friendly admin panel, member plans, password protected URL, comment system, API system and also with advanced Analytics system.

The script is completely built with PHP and MySQL, with a user-friendly design, you can also later modify the code to change the script to work according to your own requirements.


3. AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener

Monetized URL Shortener PHP

Demo   Download

AdLinkFly is clone script of adf.ly URL shortner website, where you can earn money by short URLs, it allows users to shorten links and earn money, it has referral system, Built-in API system, Paypal, Stripe, Payza etc for payment method, this script is best choice if you want to start a URL shortener service with an option for users to make money.

This Link shortening script is modifiable, so you can edit the source code later for your own requirements, the site design is user-friendly and easy to navigate with responsive design.


4. URL Shortener Script with Statistics – PHP Script

URL Shortener Script with Statistics - PHP Script

Demo   Download

This URL shortener is powered by google shortener API, the script uses Ajax to make it best for user experience, You can track all the data with world map visitor, Advanced Statistics like referred, browser names, Platforms, device, etc

They also generate QR code for every shortened link, the script is optimized for Adsense ads, the script is clean and clear.


5. URLizer – URL Shortener PHP Script

URL Shortener PHP Script

Demo   Download

URLizer is one of the cleanest and neatest URL shortening script I had ever seen, their design is very minimalistic and simple, and very user-friendly, The site loads and shortened URL very fast, the URLs are super secure, the site will be responsive, and also with block adblocker functionality in the script

They also have blogging system and admin and member dashboard system. and the source code is easy to modify, you can change the codes and make it work for your own requirements.


6. Eos – A Simple URL Shortener PHP Script

URL Shortener PHP Script 

Demo   Download

EOS simple URL shortener PHP script is a nice and lightweight URL shortener in the market, you can download the software and start your own URL shrinking website, the script has a beautiful design and clean user-friendly design structure

This has a perfect admin panel, they also have API system for developers, this is my best PHP URL shortener on the list.


Free URL Shortener Source Code (Github)

These are some of the free and powerful PHP URL shorteners for you to download for free and work on, these source codes are from Github you can download them directly from the GitHub, check the links below.

  1. github.com/mathiasbynens/php-url-shortener
  2. github.com/mikecao/shorty
  3. github.com/cydrobolt/polr
  4. github.com/Ifah/PHP-URL-Shortener


So, these are the list of both premium and free URL shortening PHP scripts for you to start your own URL shortener website, if you find this article helpful, please do share with your community and subscript to my website for more cool stuff like this.

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