10 Best Quotes Maker Online App

If you sign into social media like Instagram and Facebook you find hundreds and thousands of quotes about inspirations, life, spirituality etc. so fundamentally there are millions of quotes are being posted every day in social media and other internet sites.

To create a quote you can either design your own layout in any image editing tools like Photoshop, but using this kind of editing tools consumes a lot of time and effort.

You can use free online Quote maker tools or Quotes generators that will help you create beautiful looking quotes with any kind of images with any type of fonts, you can also download the quotes later after creating it with just one click or you can share it on social media directly.

I have listed out some of the Free online Quote Generators, where you can make or create your own quotes within a minute with few steps.


Best Online Quote Maker and Generators


1. Adobe Spark

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Adobe Spark is the best place where you can design and generate your Quotes with beautiful images and design without absolute design knowledge within a minute, adobe spark is an online application run by Adobe, the tool is absolutely free, just login or signup to Adobe website and visit the Adobe spark page, and start designing your stunning quote images, you can use these images as wallpaper, social media cover photo or for your website or blog posts, I highly recommend if you want a killer looking quotes images.

Another best thing about Adobe spark is you can also create posters, invitations, portfolio design online for free, with one click you can download or share your finished project online. you should definitely check out their website and their features which will blow your mind, most of the time I use Adobe spark for creating and designing my poster and portfolio design for my website projects.


2. Quozio.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Quozio is one of the simple yet easy quote generators online, you can create quotes images just by typing the quote and with an online click it will as you to choose different available free image, and later after creating the quotes you can save them or download them into your computer. their user interface is simple and easy to use.


3. FaceGarage.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

FaceGarage lets you generate beautiful quotes images for Instagram, you can choose images or upload your own image from your device or from URL,  you can also choose any background color if you don’t wish to use images as background, type in your preferred quote with the type of font you want.

They also have many collections of picture effects, their advanced option lets you add text shadow, font size and color, and also you can add blurry background effect. this is one of the best highly customizable quote maker on the internet.


4. Canva – Quote Maker

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Canva is one of the most popular image editings and designing tool on the internet,  just create an account in Canva, choose your prefered template design from their library, upload your own image or choose images from their free collection of stock images, add text, effects, change the background color, add filters. and then you can save the quote images or you can download them or share them directly on social media like Facebook or Instagram.


5. Postergen.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Postergen is  a simple and fast quotes generator, you can just type in the quotes and choose your prefered formatting option, life font size, font alignment, types of font, and even background color, once you set up with that, just click on generate to create your own created quote image for your social media or other puroses.


6. Recite.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Recite is a simple quote maker tool online, they ask you to type the quote in the text box and lets you choose background image which you can choose it from their library, and then you hit create to generate a sleek looking quote images for your Instagram or any other social media websites, or even for your mobile phone as a wallpaper.


7. Myquotepix.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Myquotepix online quotes maker is a free tool to create stunning quotes for any kind of mediums like social media, website, blog posts etc, you can also use this tool to create wallpaper, invitations, messages, love stories and more. they have many collections of quotes and images on their website, which you can choose as a template and design them to create your own quote images.


8. Behappy.me

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Behappy.me is a beautiful online app to create quotes images, phone wallpaper, they have many customizable options, they also let you ass small icons, choosing the font style, choosing background color, before downloading your quote image, you can also preview your work easily in this tool.


9. QuoteCover.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

If you want to create a quote image for posting on social media, I would recommend Quotes Cover for sure, because they have a very high customizable options for you to create a quotes image, they have wide varieties of High definition free images for the quotes, and also you can choose any size you want the image to be, whether its Pinterest, or twitter or facebook cover, you can use this tool to output any perfect size.


10. Pixteller.com

Best Quotes Maker Online App FREE

Pixteller is a beatiful site to create your own quotes and images, they also let you create quotes posters, inivitations, stories, messages, website protfolies etc, they have both premiuma and free package for the service, but you can use their free services for creating youe quote images.



Why to use these tools ?

The tools listed above as been listed as top and best rated online free apps to create quotes, or quotes with images, quotes posters, quotes images for social media and blogs, our team tested each and every tool before listing out here

In this blog i mostly list out Internets most famous and useful  tools for both webmasters and users to make use of the internet in a smart and helpful way, so stay tuned to my blog, and keep getting updates about various free and top rated tools in the internet to make your life easy with the internet.

if you have any queries regarding these quotes maker, please do mail me on admin@thedavidweb.com


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