How to Install (Let’s Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator (Step-By-Step)

Install Let’s Encrypt free SSL on your Hostgator hosting account now with this easy simple guide, adding SSL in your blog or website is very much important nowadays because having SSL will help you get good ranking on google, most of the time, SSL enabled sites get higher CTR in google search, because the HTTPS in the link makes your blog or website look more trustable to the eyes of the users, and Google ranks https site higher on google.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Hostgator Website.


#1 Go To

Zerossl is a website that will help you generate free let’s encrypt certificate for your domain name.

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator


#2 Go To Free SSL Certificate Wizard And Generate CSR

Click here to go to the Free SSL Certificate Wizard

There you will see an SSL certificate wizard page, asking for some basic information, in the Domains section type in your domain name. make sure you accept the terms and conditions and click Next, this will generate the, check the image below for example.

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

Now again click Next, this will generate the Private key for you in the SSL wizard.

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

#3 Upload the Private Key

Now copy the Generated Private Key and go to your Hostgator Cpanel account. and select the option SSL/TLS in the security tab. and click on the First option Private Keys (KEY) 

 Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

Now paste your Generated Private Key on the Upload a New Private Key Section. as shown below and click Save

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

#4 Upload The Certificates to Respective Folders 

Now again go back to the SSL certificate wizard and click Next, 

Now download the two mentioned file into your computer and keep the file safe, because you have to upload it to your server.

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

Go to your Root directory or your main directory where your website is upload, now create a directory name called, .well-known, now inside that directory create another directory called acme-challenge, that’s it, now upload the two file into the acme-challenge directory.

Go back to the SSL certificate wizard and click Next,  if you uploaded your files correctly into the appropriate folders, Now it will generate Private keys and CTRs for you to upload the SSL on your Server.

Install (Lets Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator

#5 Install the Let’s Encrypt SSL

Now go to the c-panel and go to SSL/TLS  once again, this time click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS). now select your Domain name from the drop-down menu and paste all your copied codes in the respective Box. and install the SSL certificate. and give some 5 – 10 min for the SSL to activate.

NOTE: The first Box has two different code, one is CTR and another one is Certificate Authority Bundle, so copy the codes from the first box and go to Hostgator and paste the first half in the CTR box and the other half in the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) box, and then copy the private key from the second box and paste it in the private key box, and go down and click Install.

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29 thoughts on “How to Install (Let’s Encrypt) Free SSL in Hostgator (Step-By-Step)

  1. utsav madaan says:

    working with shared plans ??

  2. miko says:

    I don’t have the SSL/TLS option in the security tab on my Hostgator Cpanel account. (I have a reseller account)

  3. Paul says:

    Can i use this SSL certificate for free for my shared hosting in Hostgator ?

    • Solomon David says:

      Yes, you can use this SSL certificate for free in your Hostgator shared hosting, but you have to renew it every six months of time.

  4. Alden Michaels says:


    I am very much interested in doing this as long as do not have to pay the $10 installation plan. (Not sure if that is the case or not with this guide.)

    I tried to follow the steps listed, and I have a shared hosting plan, but I do not see “SSL/TLS” in my Security tab in cPanel. I see “SSH”, “IP Blocker”, and “Hotlink Protection”. The only link showing SSL is the “SSL Certificates” link under the Special Offers tab, but it is just a sales pitch for their SSL and does not resemble your link. Am I out of luck?

    • Solomon David says:

      @Aleden I am using Hostgator Shared hosting account, and i dint pay a single penny to install my Free SSL from which is the “Lets Encrypt” SSL certificate. till now I am using it for free on my blog.

      If you have a reseller account, you may have to contact the Hostgator support team.

  5. Jesus says:

    @Salomon @Aleden I tried to follow step by step listed. I couldn’t found “SSL/TLS” in security section but I found “SSH Access”… so I put the private key in that place.
    I don’t know if it is correct but I obtained the certification.
    In the last step I returned to cpanel and I found the SSL/TLS but hostgator said that I have to pay for the instalation.

    I’m working with cPanel 62.0.40 and the options are in different order… I think

  6. mink says:

    I’ve got 70 addon domains.
    Following this procedure may I install an SSL for each of them or only 1?

    • Solomon David says:

      You have to install SSL for each domain name. you cannot use one SSL for all of your domains.

      • mink says:

        Yes Salomon I see.
        What is not clear to me is this.
        I have 1 Hostgator account with 12 addon domains.
        An Hostgator assistant in chat told me I can install only 1 SSL certificate for 1 domain.
        I’m interested to know if I can install an SSL certificate for every addon domain I have instead.
        Many thanks.

  7. mink says:

    I’ve upgraded to a business plan from baby plan just to follow your procedure
    But I don’t have the option SSL/TLS in the security tab even after the upgrade
    See screenshot
    What do I have to do now?

  8. mink says:

    Hostagator has removed it
    So the procedure you’ve described here is become totally unuseful nowadays
    Maybe you have an old CPanel vesion

  9. davido says:

    Didn’t work for me . I have a Hostgator reseller account. There was no SSL/TLS option in CPanel. In WHM there was a menu category item on the left column for SSL/TLS that had two sub items Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request and SSL Storage Manager. The former allowed you to create a SSL CSR using there generator tool and the later link allowed you to see the generated keys (so you could copy them I presume) but wouldn’t allow for any editing other then deleting.

    • Solomon David says:

      this guide is for Hostgator shared hosting. if you have Ressler account, you may have to contact the support

      • mink says:

        There was no SSL/TLS option in CPanel in Hostgator shared hosting as well.
        It doesn’t work anymore

        • Solomon David says:

          Dude! check it under the security tab, it has to be there, use the search box in the Cpanel to search for “SSL” you should able to see the option. coz even i use shared hosting and i can see the SSL/TLS option under the security tab.

  10. mink says:

    No way

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