Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

Install Let’s encrypt free SSL in Godaddy shared hosting account now with this simple easy guide, adding SSL certificate to your blog or website is very much important nowadays because having SSL certificate in your website will increase good ranking in google search.

Many websites nowadays have enabled HTTPS for their website and blogs by installing SSL certificate in to their server, many web hosting companies give SSL certificate for free during the purchase, but only for 1 year, so paying every year for SSL cost too much, but lets encrypt gives free SSL for your GoDaddy shared hosting account.

Most of the time the HTTPS-enabled site or the SSL installed site tends to get more Clicks in google because HTTPS site looks more trustable than normal HTTP sites, so people prefer to click on a website with SSL certificate installed sites.

If you have a normal blog or a website, you don’t have to pay and buy an SSL certificate, you can use the Let’s encrypt free SSL certificate to enable HTTPS in their site for free of cost, no charges apply for installing too. you can use any number of SSL certificate for any number of a domain hosted in Godaddy shared hosting account.


Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Shared Godaddy Hosting Account (Step-By-Step)


#1 Go to

This website will let you generate free Let’s encrypt certificate for your domain name hosted in GoDaddy shared hosting account.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)


#2 Go to FREE SSL Certificate Wizard to Generate CSR

Click Here and go to Free SSL Certificate Wizard

The SSL certificate wizard page will be asking for some basic information, in the Domains section type in your domain name with and without WWW, and make sure you accept the terms and conditions and click Next, this will generate the CSR, check the image below for example.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

Once after generating the CSR code, again click next. and this will generate the private key for your SSL certificate.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)


#3 Upload the Private Key to your Godaddy Shared Hosting Account

Just copy the generated private key from the zerossl site and go to your GoDaddy Shared hosting account and go to Cpanel, under security tab click on SSL/TLS and click on the Private Keys.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

Now paste your private key on the Upload a New Private Key section and click save

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

#4 Upload the SSL Certificate to the mentioned Specific Folder.

Go back to the SSL certificate wizard and click Next,

This will request you to download two files to your computer, just download them and keep them safe.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

Go to your Root directory where your website is uploaded, now create a directory folder name called, .well-known, now inside that directory folder create another directory called acme-challenge,  Just upload the two file into the acme-challenge directory.

Now go back to the SSL certificate wizard in  and click Next,  if you uploaded your files correctly into the appropriate directories,  it will now generate Private keys and CTRs for you to upload the SSL certificate on to your web server.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)


#5 Install the Let’s Encrypt SSL Into Your Godaddy Shared Hosting Account

Now go to the c-panel and go to SSL/TLS  once again, this time click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

Now select your Domain name from the drop-down menu and paste all your copied codes in the respective Box. and install the SSL certificate. and give some 5 – 10 min for the SSL to activate.

Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Godaddy (Step-By-Step)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first text box has two different codes, one is the CTR and another one is the Certificate Authority Bundle, just copy the code from the first box and go to your Godaddy shared account and paste the first half of the code in the CTR box and the other half of the code in the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) section, now go and copy the private key from the second box and paste it in the private key box in the GoDaddy, and then click Install.

The main reason I wrote this tutorial because many people spend more money on buying SSL certificate for their simple website and blogs from GoDaddy or sites. so I just want to let people know that you can use let’s encrypt to install lifetime Free SSL certificate for your website or blogs.

If you find this tutorial on installing free SSL certificate in GoDaddy shared hosting account, please do share and leave a comment below.


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