10 Best FREE Image Optimizing & Compressing Tools Online

Image Optimizer or compression tool allows you to reduce the image size by maintaining the quality of the image. if you have an image with large file size, you can simply use this online to shrink the size of the image and optimize the image size.

Why Optimize Images?

Well, when you have a blog or a website, you must be probably using lots of images for illustration of your product or content, by having an image with large image size increases your webpage size too, so this will slow down your website load speed for the users.

Increases Website Speed & Ranking In Google – Google doesn’t want a website to load slow, they have recently added website speed as one of their ranking factors, and many of the site statistics show that having a nonoptimized image tends to slow down the website speed by 30%.

So, having an optimized image on the website will increase your website load speed and also ranking in google.

Google Speed Test – You can use the Google speed test to check your website speed, most of the time you will be informed by the speed tool to optimize the images in your website, so its better you optimize your website or blog images before you publish them online.

Six months back I optimized one of my blog images and I saw some good improvement in my website speed.

I have listed out some of the best and free image optimization tools online to compress the image size, these tools are easy to use and save you lot of time. so here is the list.


10 Best Image Optimizer Online Tools


1. Optimizilla

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

No doubt that optimizilla is one of the famous free online image optimizer and compression tools, they actually allow you to upload 20 images at once and compresses and optimizes images in bulk, they also have controls to choose at what percentage you want to reduce the file sizes.

The tool is faster and easy to use, I mainly use this tool for my blog post images, because it helps me save a lot of time in optimizing images and also it gives me a control over the optimization.


2. TinyPNG

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

TinyPNG help you to compress all your PNG and JPEG Images in one click, at a time, you can upload up to 20 images and compress them online, and you can download it in to a zip file after you compressed it, TinyPNG uses the technique called “quantification” it is a month of removing colors from the image, but it will be invisible to our eyes, so its the best way to use compressor optimize images for websites.


3. Dynamicdrive.com – Image Optimizer & Compression

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Online Image Optimizer is one of the many tools of Dynamicdrive.com, the image optimizer tools is pretty impressive, they let you compress any kind of images, and also once after compressing the image, you can also convert the image format to any image format, cool right ?, its completely a free service, you can also compress your GIF images without any hassle to reduce much file size for your website and makes your website loads faster than before.


4. Compressor.io

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Compressor.io is one of the best image compressors and optimizing to reduce file size without affecting the quality of the photo, you can shrink the image up to  64% of the file size, this will help you have your blog images stay in high quality with less file size, hence you will be having a faster loading of web pages.


5. compress.photos

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Compress.photos, is an online image compressing and optimizing free tool, that lets you compress images in bulk, you can upload any kind of image format like JPG, PNG, GIF etc, and compress them up to 80% without affecting the quality of the photo.

Their website tool is clean and easy to use with a user-friendly design, I use this tool for many of my blog images because it allows bulk image compression, so it saves me a lot of time.


6. Kraken.io

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Kraken.io online image optimizer has both free and pro features available, in free feature you can compress any kind of images, with three optimization modes, and also you can upload bulk images in zip files or upload the bulk images by drag and drop into their interface for optimization and compression. in pro feature, you can resize images, or paste image URL directly from a different source and optimize it, and you can download it to your computer.


7. Trimage image compressor

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Trimage image compressor is a powerful image compression tool that eliminated the metadata from the images and compresses the size to the least file size, its definitely the powerful compression online tool in this list.


8. Imageoptimizer.net

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Image Optimizer is a simple image optimizer, they have both online and downloadable software for PC to use, their once you download their software you can compress bulk images and the software is completely free, I definitely recommend you to try it, it dave your upload time because uploading bulk image consumes lots of time, so using their software in offline will be a good choice.


9. ImageRecycle

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

ImageRecycle is a free online image optimizer and PDF optimizer tools, just drag and drop your image files or pdf files and compress them with just one click. I really love their tool, because it’s fast and easy to use. they have a really good user interface to work with.


10. Compressnow

Best Online Image Optimizer & Compression Tools

Compressnow is a simple and free image optimizer and compression tool, they have given you full control over the compression, you can choose the percentage level of compression of the image, before sending emails or uploading images on the blog, you can use this free tool to optimize your images.


If you find all these tools interesting, share this post with your community in social media, if you have any queries or ideas just leave a comment below, and also let me know which is your favorite and best image optimizer tool that you use for your projects.

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