10 FREE Domain Age Checker Tools Online

Domain age checker tools help you to check the age of a domain name and for finding out when was the domain name first got registered on the internet, this will help us find out how much old a domain name is.

Why Check Domain Age?

Search Engine Ranking – The aged domain name has a good domain authority in Google, aged domain ranked well in Google, most of the time new domain name will take a lot of time to start ranking in a google search, but old or aged domain name will be ranked in google real faster.

Buying Aged Domain – many people buy an aged or old domain name from a domain auction site, there are many sites available online for us to buy aged domains.

To investigate or to check the age of any domain name, you can use the online tools like domain age checker to find out the domain age and registered date.

I have listed out some of the best and free domain name age checking tools because most of the time the users or webmaster finds it hard to spot a perfect domain age checking tool, so this list might help you out.


10 Free Domain Age Checker Tools




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