10 Best Favicon Generator Tools Online

Favicon Generator is used to create shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, Having a favicon icon in a website or blog is very important, this will increase your brand visibility. And also help people to identify your website while working with multiple tabs in browsers.

As we are in the living in a very competitive market in online, it’s so much important to show interest in website branding, because doing a proper branding help you build trust among your internet users.

Having a favicon icon on a website makes the website looks trustworthy and professional, the most website without a favicon icon looks like a spam webpage, so having your logo in favicon icon will make your site looks more trustable.

Best Favicon Generator Tools Online

Make sure while creating a favicon icon make it looks perfect, elegant and simple, make sure to have your logo as your Favicon icon so that it will look relevant to your website, and people can easily figure out your website.

I have handpicked some of the best and free online Favicon generator tools available in the internet, that can help you generate a beautiful favicon icon easily for your next website or your blogs.


10 Best Favicon and App Icon Generator Tools Online


1. 1&1 Favicon Generator

Best Favicon Generator Tools Online

1&1 Favicon generator is owned by the 1&1 hosting company, they are one of the popular hosting companies in the world, and also their favicon generator, if you have a ready logo of your website just upload it to their website and convert it to a beautiful perfect favicon, they also have a favicon editor where you can edit or create your own favicon with your logo or letters. I highly recommend people to use this simple Favicon generator for their website or blog.


2. Favicomatic

Best Favicon Generator Tools Online

It is an ultimate Favicon generator on the internet, they have a very simple and easy interface to generate a favicon faster. Favicomatic generates favicon in both ico & PNG formats and also transparent ones.

They also generate the favicon HTML code for the website to use it instantly. which supports every single browser.They have types of the favicon for the various purpose for Ios, Android, Windows tile.


3. RealFaviconGenerator.net

Favicon Generator Tool Online

Real Favicon Generator is one place for generating all kinds of favicons icons for your website, The tools help you to generate, the favicon for android, Ios, Browser, windows metro, macOS Safari, I highly recommend this tools for generating your favicon for your website. it’s free and simple to use.


4. FavIcon.pro

Favicon Generator Tool Online

Favicon.pro is a simple and lightweight online favicon generator tools to create and convert images to the favicon, desktop icon, and app icons, its completely free to use and saves you lot of time, you can also use this tool to convert your favicon to any image format, from PNG, JPEG, ICO etc. Once you created the favicon just place the code and upload the image to the root directory of your website.



Favicon Generator Tool Online

FAVICO is another simple and elegant free favicon generator, the site has very user-friendly UI design and it allows you to choose two sizes for favicon 16*16 and 32*32, and also you can convert the favicon icon to jpg, png or any other image formats. Most of the time I use this generator for my web design clients, it saved me a lot of time.



Favicon Generator Tool Online

Favicon.io is a lightweight favicon generator in the internet, but they don’t allow you to upload any custom image or logo, instead they ask you to type the text, choose any font, background color, so if you want to have a simple favicon with just text and not image, you can use this simple favicon generator.


7. Dynamicdrive.com

Favicon Generator Tool Online

Dynamicdrive.com is also one of the popular favicon generators on the internet, they will help you generate favicon Ico very easily and faster, you can also use this tool to generate transparent favicon icon for your website


8. FaviconGenerator.com

Favicon generator allows you to create nice looking favicon images for personal and commercial use, the tool is easy to use, you can generate your favicon faster with just one click, Just choose the size and upload your image, and you will be generated with a nice favicon icon with any image format.


9. OnlineFavicon.com

The thing I love about online favicon is it lets you create or make your own favicon on their workspace and also you can upload your own image or logo of your website to generate the favicon, you can choose the background image and image formats for your favicon icon.


10. DeGraeve.com

This tool lets you create or draw your own favicon or even upload your own image to generate your favicon easily, the site is easy and user-friendly to generate favicons for free online.


How to Install Favicon?

Once after you generated the Favicon from any of the listed tools, just download the image, and upload the image to the root directory of your web server

And paste this code <LINK REL=”SHORTCUT ICON” HREF=”http://www.yourwebsite.com/favicon.ico” /> head section of your HTML page, make sure you have the favicon file name is same as the code has in it.

Now go to any browser and check the favicon icon on the corner of the tab, if everything goes well, you can spot the tiny small favicon icon on the browser tag.


If you are using WordPress then uploading favicon is not going to be hard, because you don’t have to deal with the code, just go to the WordPress DashboardAppearance – Click Customize. And then click on Site Identity, there you can see the option to upload your generated favicon easily.


Favicon Checker.

If you want to test a website’s favicon once after you uploaded the image, you can use this link https://realfavicongenerator.net/ this tool has an option to test the favicon and app icons for any website, just paste any website URL and check or test the favicon icons and app images.


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