10 Best & Free Broken Link Checker Tools Online – Dead Link Checking Tools

Broken link checker online tool, is the best way to check your websites broken links on your website, you can use these online tools to check the broken links for both internal and external links.

Having a broken link in your website or blog will affect your Google ranking because a site with broken links will affect user experience, most of the time, when you have a website with tons and tons of web pages, it’s hard to keep in track of all the internal and external links.

So there are many online services and tools available for the webmasters to check their website for free and also for premium support.


10 Best Broken Link Checker Tools Online List – Online Dead Link Checking Tool


1. http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/Vist Site
2. https://www.deadlinkchecker.com/Vist Site
3. https://validator.w3.org/checklinkVist Site
4. http://website-link-checker.online-domain-tools.com/Visit Site
5. https://error404.atomseo.com/Vist Site
6. https://smallseotools.com/websites-broken-link-checker/Vist Site
7. https://www.drlinkcheck.com/Vist Site
8. https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/broken-link-checker/Vist Site
9. https://www.powermapper.com/products/sortsite/checks/link-checker/Vist Site
10. http://tools.seochat.com/tools/broken-links-images-tool/#sthash.tyhB1r9V.dpbsVist Site


Why broken links affect your Google SEO Ranking?

Well, if you are a beginner and you want to know about the broken link, I can give you some highlight of what a broken link would do to your website.

Say for example you are writing an article everyday, and one day you decided to delete a particular article from your blog, once after your delete your article, there might be places like social media and another medium is still having your website deleted URL, and even Google has your deleted post in their search engine.

So whenever people land to that particular page, it throws out a page not found an error, This will affect the user’s experience, anything that affects users experience Google will also be taking that into consideration, so they will push your ranking down in google in no time.


So here are the list of some of the best and working free website broken link checker online tools, some of the tools may have certain limitations for crawling the web pages, but some does have a free service, you can choose any of these listed online tools which suites the best for you.


How To Fix (404 Error) Broken Links?

FIxing Broken links is easy if you have a static website, you find the all the dead links using the Broken link checker online tools and download or keep in note of  all the dead links that are broken and then replace the broken link with a valid webpage, or you can add a custom 404 Error page to your website, this will reduce a lot of workloads.

Because nowadays, many CMS website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, uses Custom 404 Error Page inbuilt in their system, so whenever a user clicks the internal broken link the website or the blog redirects the user to a custom 404 Error page informing the user that the web page has been moved or been missing.

Use Google Analytics to fix all the broken links, when you connect your website with google webmaster tools.


Quick Look.

The reason why listed out these best list of working broken link checker is that people find hard time googling the best working online broken links checkers because most of the online tools nowadays are spammy or click baiters, they do all sort of black hat SEO tricks and gets the top position in google.

And also, listing out these will help many webmasters and developers to easily grab it from my website whenever they wanted, and i also planning to list out all the best online tools in the coming days.



So guys, try to use these broken link or dead link checker online tools to find all the broken links in your website or blog and fix the issues by replacing it by some valid web pages, this will save your website from getting penalized from Google ranking.

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