10 Best URL Shortener Online tools to Shorten Long Links

Having a long website link while sharing with people makes your website link look ugly and spammy, URL shorteners can shorten your long links to short my minimizing all the characters in URL.  with a shortened URL, the link looks trustworthy and clean. you can use the short URL to share it with your Social media friends etc.

There are many websites available online to provide free URL shortening services, some even have a feature to track your Shortened URL click and stats about the traffic details. which is really cool. so let us look at some of the legit and popular URL shortener services available online.


Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

This URL shortener is owned and maintained by Google, The URL shortener is very secure, they let you shorten any number of links you want, they also give us an option to monitor our shortened link and they show us real-time traffic details about the Shortened URL. this will help us to understand and visualize our audience. as this is maintained by Google, there is no chance of downtime for your link. come one guy, it the big G.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

The next on the URL shortening game is Bitly, which is considered to be the god of URL shorteners, many brands and websites use Bitly to shorten their link, Bitly was launched on February 12, 2008, and which soon became a popular URL shortening service on the internet. they allow users to track the links click activity and traffic, with a premium account you can even create your own custom URL pattern for your shortened URL, which is good for branding.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

is.gd is also one of the popular online URL shortening services on the internet, this website was lately acquired by UK-based hosting company Memset, they have many customization options available for you to shorten your long links, they give us an option to create our own customized URL, and also they collect analytic data about your shortened URL.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

Tiny.cc URL shortener URL service is a fast URL shortening service that doesn’t ask for captcha or any human verification, they also allow us to create custom shortened URL, a QR code will also be created alongside every time you shorten your long URL in this website. their website has an old-fashioned geeky look. they also provide free API services for developers to build and connect their application to their service.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

Bit.do is a simple and fast URL shortening service, they have an option to customize the URL with a custom name on the URL, you can also create your own URL shortening service with a custom domain with them. their service is completely free and outstanding.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

Tinyurl is also one of the most popular URL shortening services on the internet, its been in the market for a long time, and serving billions of redirects per month, this TinyURL you can shorten URL very quickly and easily without any hassle. they also provide tools bar for the browser, so that you can now easily shorten any website URL just with a single click on the toolbar.



Best URL Shortener Websites to Shorten Long Links

ShadyURL is an interesting URL shortener service, this website not just shortens your link but also adds some shady and funny nonrelatable name at the URL to make it shady, you can use this URL shortener for Click bait and stuff like that. they use string captcha for preventing spam and bots.


Buff.ly is nonother than the popular social media management service, whenever you post any link into their site it will automatically get shortened, they don’t have many features like other URL shorteners, but you can give it a try.


T.co is nothing but a domain maintained by Twitter, every time when you tweet any links in twitter in gets shortened with T.co domain, the main reason they use this service is to prevent harmful activity or spam activity in twitter which doesn’t make twitter look messy and ugly.


Adf.ly URL shortener website not just shortens your link but also gives users the opportunity to make money if users get many clicks on their shortened link, they have a minimum payout of $5 and they use PayPal to pay your earnings. adf.ly is blocked in few countries, due to many suspicious and spam activity with adf.ly shortened URLs.


These are the list of best-rated URL shortener services available online for you to shorten your long and ugly looking links.

2 thoughts on “10 Best URL Shortener Online tools to Shorten Long Links

  1. Tracy says:

    My fav one is ls.gd and google url shortener. <3

  2. Martin says:

    i shortened youtube.com with shadyURL shortener and i got this http://www.5z8.info/hot-older-goats.mov_r8a3qn_dont-just-drizzle 😛

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