10 Best Online .htaccess Generator Tools For SEO Friendly URL’s (Mod Rewrite)

It’s so much important that you must have an SEO friendly URL’s on your website pages because SEO friendly URL looks clean and pretty and it makes easy for Google to understand what your webpage is all about. if you are developing a website or a blog, it’s important that you have you have an SEO optimized Permalink. SEO optimized URL’s are one of the ranking factors in Google.

Best Online htaccess Generators For SEO Friendly URL’s

Best Online htaccess Generators For SEO Friendly URL’s

The SEO optimized permalink mostly consist of the Keywords that are related to your Title and your website content, Having your Url same as your title is recommended, and its important that your Url is Short and Clean, with no Numbers and special characters, A poorly written Permalink will look ugly and gets low rank in Google

When you develop a website you can use the file .htaccess to do directory level configurations for your website, with this file you can set rules the way you want your site to be accessed, you can use .htaccess to produce SEO friendly clean URL easily.


Best Online .htaccess Generators For SEO Friendly URLs


  1. Search Friendly URLs – http://searchfriendlyurls.com/
  2. SEO Chat’s URL Rewriting – http://tools.seochat.com/tools/url-rewriting/
  3. Webconfs URL Rewriting Tool – https://www.webconfs.com/web-tools/url-rewriting-tool/
  4. Generate It – Mod Rewrite Generator – http://www.generateit.net/mod-rewrite/index.php
  5. HTMLEscape SEO Friendly URL generator tool – http://www.htmlescape.net/seo_friendly_url.html
  6. Nimtools (.htaccess URL Rewriting Tool)  -http://nimtools.com/url-rewriting-tool
  7. Coderseo (Seo Url Rewrites) – https://www.coderseo.com/seo-url-rewrites
  8. Small SEO Tools (URL Rewriting Tool) – https://smallseotools.com/url-rewriting-tool/
  9. Elkseo (URL Rewriting Tool) – http://www.elkseo.com/url-rewriting-tool
  10. Webmaster-Money (Online HTaccess file generator) – http://www.webmaster-money.org/webmaster-tools/htaccess-generator

There are Few best online free .htaccess SEO friendly Url generators available, which you can use it to generate a search engine optimized clean and perfect URL for your website. if you are having a WordPress blog, this isn’t going to be a problem, because they will let generate SEO URLs automatically but if you are developing your own customized website, then you can use this tool to create a Clean SEO URL structure.

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