Online Business Directories – 30+ Best Online Business Directories In India

When you start a business, its so much important to let people know about your business, online is the best way that you can do it, there are many ways you can promote your local businesses online, you may have an iPhone repair shop, or photography company or local restaurant. but it’s important that you reach your audience whenever they are in need of your service.

using yellow pages or newspapers to look for services and business are outdated, 70% uses Google search or online Business directories to search for the nearest services and businesses.

There are many free Business directories available online to which you can list your business information, contact details your timings and availability, once after you submit your details, your data gets crawled by Google, and Google will list out the details whenever a user searches any service or businesses nearby their locality.

Why Use Business Directories?

If you are running a local business, online business directory helps you to list your business by locations, contact number etc, and most of the business directories have pretty decent domain authority and they get ranked faster in google.

Online business directories also have a good page rank and domain authority, so there are possibilities that your business name will be in Google search faster and ranked top for a particular service and location.

People sometimes use online business directories directly by searching on it, so I recommend you to submit your local business to be listed in business directories to get an online exposure.

In India, there are many businesses directories available online lets people to list their business for free. so today I listed out some perfect working free online directories where you can submit your small, large or local business to get online reach and grow your business by getting leads from online customers.


30+ Best Business Directories In India



Important Things To Know Before Submitting to Online Business Directories In India.

Make sure to provide the correct contact details and other business details while submitting in Online Directories, because when a user lands on your directories details, they tend to contact you, if the detail you provided is wrong, you might possibly lose the business.

Provide an Email address, phone no, and your business address, if you have specific timing for your business, also provide the timing of your business availabilities, if you have a website for your business, provide the details with your website address, this will help the customer to know more about your business.

If the directories ask to upload a business logo or any of your business photos, or shop photo, upload them, your store location address is very important, because few online directories show your address as a visual map, so make sure you give the perfect address.


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7 thoughts on “Online Business Directories – 30+ Best Online Business Directories In India

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks for the list of online business directories, i am having a local restaurant in chennai and it helped me to submit my store details for free. 🙂

  2. Ebi says:

    Thanks you for the list 🙂

  3. Nash says:

    I use justdial, they are fast and free, and i get more business from it.

  4. Raman says:

    Very helpful

  5. sunita says:

    foursquare is one of the best online directories, i have my restaurant listed their, and i get more reviews and visitors. i bookmarked this list, very helpful.

  6. poorne says:

    Love the list.

  7. Ram says:

    Thanks for the list of free indian directory submission list

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